Thursday, 14 November 2013

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    Nissan's revolutionary trapezoidal BladeGlider Concept defies convention

    "The BladeGlider concept to be shown by Nissan at the Tokyo Motor Show this month will no doubt cause a stir among the general populace for its radical shape, but it just might represent a significant moment in the history of the automobile. When Ben Bowlby conceived the vehicle’s revolutionary architecture in December 2008, he envisioned a far more efficient automobile than current form factors allow."

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    "The name of Scheu Analog stands for outstanding sound quality, tonal balance, tangibility and not least for the utmost durability."

    Lamborghini's $5.3 million topless Veneno

    "Ever since the release of Lamborghini’s limited edition $4.3 million Veneno earlier this year, rumors of a topless version have been growing. This week Lamborghini turned rumor into reality with the announcement of its most expensive supercar to date – the $5.3 million Veneno roadster.
    Unveiled just this past March the 750 hp, AWD carbon fiber supercar was met with much acclaim, and criticism, both for its outlandish design (even for a Lamborghini) and its US $4.1 million price tag. While the point may be moot when talking about such astronomical prices, collectors willing to face the $1.2 million jump in cost for the convertible might find some consolation in the fact that topless models have historically retained value better that their hard topped counterparts over the long run."

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    World's first stretched Jaguar E-Type accessorized with E-Type trailer

    "UK-based Jaguar restorer Classic Motor Cars of Bridgnorth unveiled a rather unique project this week. It calls it the world's first stretched Jaguar E-Type. While the few inches of stretch don't necessarily do anything for the 1968 E-Type Series 1 4.2 roadster's timeless beauty, they purportedly improve its ride for passengers and driver alike. A matching E-Type trailer finishes off a strange but interesting package.
    "Our client wanted the interior leg room of a Series 3 V12 E-Type but the aesthetics of a Series 1 car," explains CMC managing director Nick Goldthorp. "We have added four and a half inches to the floor pan, which will give the leg room of the V12 plus an additional one inch if required."
    "The V12 was actually nine inches longer than a Series 1, but a lot of the additional room was behind the seats as storage and was not required on our project. By adding four and a half inches to the length of the car, we were able to retain the overall look of the Series 1 and also turn this E-Type into a unique car."...

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